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Hello and thanks for stopping by! My name's Rob Hudnut and I'm the self-published author and illustrator of the how-to books "Greasy Reaper Book of How-To". I've spent a large chunk of my life either in the garage or drawing something. I've picked up a few tips, tricks and how-to's along the way that I enjoy sharing in my books.

My mom and dad were heavy into the motorcycle scene before I was born and are still enthusiasts today. They really got into it, riding two up on many, many long trips and road rally's. They designed motorcycle road rally's and were in a number of motorcycle shows. They were members of the AMA (American Motorcycle Assoc.) OMRRA(Oregon Motorcycle Road Race Assoc.) and IMTC(International Motorcycle Touring Club) to name a few. My mom was a member of WIMA(Womens International Motorcycle Assoc.). They also were corner workers at the local PIR(Portland International Raceway) for all major motorcycle events.

As my brother and I were growing up, they owned a bunch of bikes. My dad commuted on a bike everyday, year-round in all weather for 20+ years!! The two bikes he rode for 10 years each were a 1974 Norton 850 Commando and a 1996 Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport. Some of the other bikes were a 1968 Triumph 500 twin, 1972 Honda CB 500 and 1975 Honda CB 750. 
My dad was, and still is, a customizer of bikes and classic cars alike. Most all his bikes were converted into cafe racers, full fairing and European custom touches. My folks wore full matching leathers and looked cool doin it!

Why all this about my folks? Well, I guess because these are my roots. That's the lifestyle I was born into. My family was into riding bikes, watching motorcycle races at the track and attending bike shows for a solid part of my life. My brother and I got our first used Honda XR 75 dirt bikes when we were in elementary school. My dad taught us how to ride and shift. Riding those little dirt bikes up and down our street after school, zappin around in old gravel lots and dirt roads with my brother are some of my best childhood memories!

I was interested in cars out of high school because I could haul around my buddies and dates. My first car was a 1972 Nova 2dr. It wasn't until I was in my 30's that I bought my first legal street bike. It was a used, low mile 2003 Sportster 883. It wasn't long before the family customizing bug took over and its stock days were soon over. I rode that bike year-round in all weather for years! I got caught in a snow storm once. That 1 hour ride out to my buddies house took 4 hours to get home!

I've had several Harleys since then, 2 Kawasaki KLR's, a Yamaha DT 250 and a Triumph Bonneville. My latest build is a chopper called Merlins Beard. I'm also building a 1948 GMC truck. I plan on using the '48 to haul a 60's era drag bike to the strip. I haven't built the drag bike yet, but it's a future goal!

Growing up I would pour over comics like MAD, CARtoons, Archie and Rat Fink. I would study their styles and try my best to draw them with my own twist. I was never into super hero comics, but I did like the old Ghost Rider, Swamp Thing and G.I. Joe comics. I went to art college for 'Computer Arts and Design' in Seattle and graduated in 2000. I worked for one of the largest video game houses at the time as a 3D level designer. When 9-11 hit, America was concerned about going to war, and stopped spending money on fun stuff. The entertainment industry took a hit and many lost their jobs to the economy. Fast forward from those days and here we are!

That's a peek into my history, my motorcycle influences and artistic past. I'm really excited to see where Greasy Reaper takes me and I'm looking forward to many more how-to volumes in the future!

Thanks for stopping by and as always, thanks so much for your support!